The NEW Anti-Social Behaviour

If you are so caught up with your religion that the only thing which dictates all your speech and action is the rush to collect points for entry into heaven before doomsday dawns, then I have to say that you are fucking selfish.

Go live alone in a cave somewhere. You chose your own cross. Go carry it alone.

Just because you chose to live a miserable life and you cannot bear to see others who had chosen instead to sip slowly at life each day, don’t try to manipulate the fundamentals and push for everybody to live the same life as your pathetic self. Leave the rest alone.

I’ll say it again. You are fucking selfish. You don’t deserve to live in a community.

You know why? That’s because in a community, people smile at each other and they like to see each other happy regardless of their differences.

This does not apply to any particular individual or religion. Instead, it applies to each one of us. At varying degrees and at some points in our lives, we could all be guilty of this conduct.


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Hey, I Wrestle Sharks!

I have just watched ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. Yes, it is that new movie. Not so new actually given that it was released last year some time in October. Anyway, I’m sure it must have been an important show for the Goldwyn family, the producers. This is the second time the adaptation from the book is made, the first by Samuel Goldwyn Sr.

I’ve read many a book by James Thurber. ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ was supposed to be just a short story. That is why I take my hat off to the producers, which also includes Ben Stiller, for pulling off what I would say a huge success.

Many men of the 21st century would surely be able to relate to the character portrayed by Stiller in the show. Emasculated and coerced, sometimes voluntarily into nine-to-five jobs where the bigwigs in corporate push us around must be something familiar to many movie-goers. There was once that spark back when we were younger and simpler, the passion and drive to do what we like. Too bad what we love doing doesn’t always put food on the table. That might have prompted us to abandon these dreams for more ‘steady jobs’ instead.

The passion or lack thereof is detrimental in deciding the degree of success of something that we work on. If what we do happens to just be something we settled for, then I suppose everything is going to be just mediocre. And the only thing worse than living a life of mediocrity is to actually know that you are living one.

Then again, perhaps it would be possible to live life and follow our dreams and ambitions if we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What is the bottom line of it all? We live. And we die. What happens in between are the things that we can decide for ourselves. Our lives are not continued by our progenies. Hell, we only live once and that’s it. What I am trying to imply is that the dynasty-mentality where a father starts something for his son to continue isn’t they way things work. Well, perhaps that idea only applies to me. I am after all just a rambler, typing with no real substance, materials only from the little closet I call my mind.

Having watched the aforementioned movie though, I have to admit that I am charged again to take up the dreams I have had as a child. The things I want to finally look back and be able to say, ‘I’ve been there and I’ve certainly done that’.

Look out, world! James Thurber might have written more about his dogs than about anything else but in that one piece alone about the man who dared to pick up where he left off, he has created a following.

I know for one that I am not alone.

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My Belief

I believe in a religion
It is called Simplicity

I believe in two religions
The other called Love

Oh wait, there is a third
It is called Freedom

And yet another to add
It is called Peace

These four religions I cling to
I dread not having understood in full
Through my first two scores on earth
Before I finally book my berth

Now it appears all clear to me
As the breaking of a brand new morn
I shall ponder first and then query
In the midst of chaos oh so blurry

Oh such torment in the hearts of men
Such eager yearn to understand
Blood and steel may rule the day
Clinks and crimson men shall sway

Simplicity, Freedom, Love and Peace
What bluff you deal out large
Pray, don’t you let me go astray
Won’t you lead me home today?

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Imagine All the People..

It has been more than a week since the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls by the Boko Haram rebels in Nigeria. That would make more than 200 destitute families, many of which might have had high hopes for the future. Not anymore. And what of it? Not much, apparently.

The world seems more focused on other matters, those which are deemed more critical. The spread of influence by Russia, for example following the annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflicts in Donetsk. Aren’t we all a greedy bunch?

Then again, the principle of no-interference cannot be belittled. Look what the West got for trying to broker for peace and stability in the Middle East. In one case, a ruthless regime was slicing off the noses of young girls and denying education to womenfolk. In another, a mad tyrant was gassing to death entire villages suspected of harbouring opposition agendas.

Involvement which resulted in billions of otherwise, better-spent tax-payers’ dollars ensued. Not to mention the lives and limbs of countless combatants who could have been at home teaching their first-born to ride bicycles. And all for what? For further condemnation. Suddenly, the rescuers were the perpetrators. Nobody remembers the original state of things.

The weird thing though is how fallible and ignorant people are.

‘They’re not here to rescue us, dammit. They’re here for our oil!’

Excuse me? You really have to be kidding. What evidence do you even have to support your claims? Has anybody even asked this question?

And the global populace suddenly become all too sympathetic. This, fanned by politicians half of whom with intelligence no higher than that of a door-knob seem to grab the headlines.

What of the sacrifices made? Does anybody take account of the ‘what ifs’?

What if intervention was never the main order of the day back then? You have a perfect example just under your noses. Damascus is in shambles. On one side, there’s the legitimate government. On the other, there are so many groups of opportunists looking to seize the administration of the state. It is no wonder that these insurgents are divided. They never had any common ground to begin with. The only thing they seem to be doing successfully is to destroy the lives of people who might not have even wanted to do anything with either side in the first place.

There are fanatics who are going about massacring populations of minorities. One really heart-wrenching bit of news was the murder of a septuagenarian Dutch Catholic priest in Homs who had dedicated more than half his life contributing towards community building of the local populace regardless of background or belief. He was made to kneel in the courtyard of his residence and shot through the back of his head by unknown rebel forces.

This is only one of the countless atrocities being committed each day in such regions.

The West did well when they voted against intervention. Why the further waste of resources. And all for a bad-guy image too. Let the idiots kill each other. And let the whole world watch in horror. If horror is what they’ll call it.

Suddenly, we are at loss at whom to blame. We’ll blame the Western media! They are the ones sowing seeds of hatred and division among us.

Some imbeciles are just too pompous to even entertain the notion that they only have themselves to blame.

In one country, young girls are kidnapped and sold into slavery only because they have chosen to be educated. In another, legislation have been made to implement penalties which include the severing of limbs of thieves as well as the stoning to death of adulterers.

Suddenly, lives and choice of conduct are no longer subject to ownership by individuals. The authorities OWN you. You do as they bloody command you to.

It sounds like Animal Farm all over again, does it not?


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The Earth orbits around the Sun. At the same time, it revolves in its own axis at a tilted angle. Just say the latter ceases to occur and this happens abruptly. Will the momentum cause everything to be flung forward? What would the degree of repercussions be?

Just a thought.

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Almost heaven, West Virginia,
Blue-Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River..
Life is old there, older than the trees,
Younger than the mountains,
Growin’ like a breeze

That speaks volumes, doesn’t it? I have recently been watching several movies which are laced with traces of Red Indian cultures. Led me to further embrace the real history of the Americas. Things were very subtle with them only because they were always in touch with nature and their inner self.

Don’t expect you to understand. I’ve divulged more than just a plethora of my thoughts to so many people I’ve came across and I’m disgusted to find that the majority of them are without opinions. Live with the current trends and YOLO, they say. Fine, have yourselves a good run. I’m heading in the opposite.

You beg to differ? I think I’ll take a swipe at you. Do you know who Ferdinand Magellan is? That’s not a difficult one, really. I think you’ll agree after looking him up on Wikipedia. I’ve made my point.

I’ve just completed the first half of my final year. Another semester to go and I’ll be out in the open to foray on my own. Graduate studies still remain as a high probability. Then again, there’s time to think of that later on. I’ve enough worries at the moment.

My final year project has resumed active status after my time away from the labs preparing for the semester examinations. I was just in there yesterday isolating phylloplane fungi from the trichomes of the abaxial surfaces of Tectona grandis foliage. With time, I hope I’ll be able to obtain pure cultures for the subsequent inoculation tests. Enough of technicalities now. Just so you know though, you don’t necessarily have to be a Biology major to understand these things.

If it’s obvious, yes, I am very disheartened with the attitude of the masses who no longer regard knowledge as something they wish to have. And I have no reservations in dealing with these folks.

After my morning run earlier, I went through some materials on biotechnology which I hope might be useful in my future. Even if there never will be an opportunity to put them to use, I wouldn’t ever regret reading them. Makes me understand things more. I would like to go through life appreciating the things around me and knowing how these work is only one of the ways to achieve that.

Before I end this post, I would like to direct a notice to all of you who are reading this right now. If my blog posts infuriates you, why don’t you stop reading them? Spare yourself the obligations to curse and go work on more productive causes maybe?


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I miss home. I miss walking along the road with the scenic mountainous range for a background. Absorbing the grandeur and counting a hundred-and-twenty-three paces before the road swerves left into my driveway is something I haven’t done in a while. Also, the occasional stroll to the cemetery to visit graves of relatives I’ve never met but without whom, I may be naught but mere dust of the earth.

Don’t you miss home? Remember the park where an uncle first taught you to ride a bicycle? Or the ice-cream seller from whom an aunt bought you your first ice cream ‘potong’? Those used to be wrapped in only paper back then. Also, the barber in the corner lot of a block downtown your father used to take you for haircuts. You would be too small for his saloon chair that he has to fit a plank before hoisting you up on it.

Home was where I grew up. I took my time. And I have no regrets. Home is an entity you know you can always go back to. Folks say that home is relative and I couldn’t agree more. It means so very different to each one of us. Home taught me love and it taught me of life. It taught me of smiles and warmth.

If I were an artist, home would be my muse.

It’s going to be Christmas in less than a month. Home would be bustling with busy people. All the cleaning and baking and decorating and cooking and shopping. Oh how I yearn to be there for all these.

My, I miss home..

This Christmas, bring me my mountain.

I’m coming home..

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