The NEW Anti-Social Behaviour

If you are so caught up with your religion that the only thing which dictates all your speech and action is the rush to collect points for entry into heaven before doomsday dawns, then I have to say that you are fucking selfish.

Go live alone in a cave somewhere. You chose your own cross. Go carry it alone.

Just because you chose to live a miserable life and you cannot bear to see others who had chosen instead to sip slowly at life each day, don’t try to manipulate the fundamentals and push for everybody to live the same life as your pathetic self. Leave the rest alone.

I’ll say it again. You are fucking selfish. You don’t deserve to live in a community.

You know why? That’s because in a community, people smile at each other and they like to see each other happy regardless of their differences.

This does not apply to any particular individual or religion. Instead, it applies to each one of us. At varying degrees and at some points in our lives, we could all be guilty of this conduct.



About chronos91

Ah, here we are. The never-so-elusive question. Who I really am. I've been served this question on numerous occasions and to say I've a constant answer would be a downright bluff. Truth be told, I'm as much in the dark as you are. Well, that's exaggeration. You might as well get acclimatised because you'll be seeing a lot of it in my posts. I believe life is a journey to discover who one truly is. I'll let you know when I see the light. You're right. Enough with the philosophy. The more factual me - Male of Asian descent. Turning twenty come September. Six-footer. Atheletic. My folks once told me never to trust what strangers post online about themselves. Think rather more than I can possibly comprehend. You might have this figured out already. Sometimes I even wonder if my cerebra are still intact. Hoping to gain admittance into varsity in the next few months. Very much inclined to Biology. Might be making a career of it. Fancies 'brain-juice squeezing' subjects like Mathematics and Physics too. In short, I like to think. Weird? That's my middle name. I blog to express the thoughts I conceive, before they are forgotten. Some of these may be controversial. Therefore, parental supervision is very much recommended to avoid 'straying off the path of righteousness'. If you think I disappoint, go ahead. In my defense, I'm abstract. I did warn you. Thank you for reading this far. It is phenomenal, really. Good day!
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